Attack Plans, Part II.

At the beginning of the month, I was fairly ambitious.

I’d discovered the glory that is Dropbox, and backed up my drafts.   I’d also just gotten my daily dose of gonzo writing tips from over at terribleminds, and so I was ready to go—two Nooks loaded with things to remember, a notebook full of other things.

Then Jeannie, my sweet computer, caught a nasty little infection of malware.  The probable culprits: sneaky flash imbeds that probably originated from deviantART (which has recently been updated and now is a bit buggy) and a malware removal tool that I got from CNET—and I wish I’d heard about the malware fiasco before it’d happened, or else this wouldn’t have happened.

It took a week to find the problem, another week to finish fixing it.  I’ve lost half the month to computer trouble.

Of course, that means that the plan is almost shot—or is it?

Finishing this revision by my birthday was the goal.  The deadline for redeeming my Createspace code is the end of June.  Of course, it won’t be totally done then, but this is aiming for a different milestone: a proof copy.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like having little rewards as I work—even if it’s something minimal, like getting a bag of gourmet chocolates after hitting the 25K word mark—

Wait, did I just call chocolate ‘minimal?’  Crud!  I’ve committed sacrilege!

Blasphemy aside, I have a winner code that entitles me to a few proof copies from Createspace.  Tangible goals help keep me focused, and what’s more tangible than an actual book in the hands?

But…before I can do that…

*hefts hammer*  You ready for this, Part I?

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