Script Frenzy – A Check-in.

In a fit of crazed impulse, I decided to try Script Frenzy.  Script Frenzy, in case you were not aware, is similar to NaNoWriMo in that you have thirty days to produce a zero draft—the difference here being that you must produce a script (ergo, Script Frenzy).  Stuck on enforced sabbatical from work, I figured “Hey, I got nothing else to do, why not try this on for size?”

With that same attitude, I started playing with the plot generator.  Some of them were…odd.  The others were…weirdly plausible if you were trying to make a film where one or more of the main characters were high at some point.  And then there was the one I got that I decided to run with.  So how am I doing here on the twelfth?

  • I’m three pages behind.  Of course this is down from fifteen pages behind, so I think I’m making some progress.
  • My MMC’s said “I don’t” at the altar, and his ex-fiancee isn’t hating him for it—she knows why, since [spoiler spoiler] isn’t his fault.
  • We’ve met the parents, who were first angry and then understood why it wouldn’t have ever worked  no matter how much they (okay, just her father) would have wanted it to.
  • We’ve met the FMC’s angry brother, who is NOT amused at the perceived humiliation of his little sister.
  • What else?  Oh yeah, my MMC protagonist is dead.  Accidental defenestration.  Broke his back on the landing—landed on a motorcycle.  Probably broke a few other things, too.

…what?  The love subplot can’t go on while he’s alive.

He’s also met the angel who’s been assigned to escort him to the other side.  AKA – the love interest.  I anticipate a bit of a hang-up toward the middle of act II, but hey—this is a zero draft, and there’s time to work out the kinks later.  Right now, my focus is on catching up.

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