Shaky Days.

I’m here writing at zero-dark o’clock.  There isn’t much else to do.

Right now I’m straightening up the apartment, and getting ready for tomorrow’s trip to therapy.  Had a bit of a panic today.  Completely accidental triggering.  I never remember bolting.  There was a sweet dog there to bring me out of it.  After I’d semi-recovered she got cuddly.  It helped.  I still had uncontrollable tremors, but it did help.  Later on a Xanax as added to the mix.  After that one, the shaking just…stopped after about a half an hour.

I’d been shaking since I woke up this morning at seven and got a Vistaril into my system.

I feel…almost normal.

I have no idea how I will feel in the morning, but tomorrow’s therapy.  It could get worse before it gets better.  But something has to be done.

I’ve fallen behind on Screnzy again.  I’m not thinking I’ll win, but I’ll sure as hell finish the script whether I win or not.  There’s always time for that.

Inspection approaches.  Between now and therapy I have to bring the apartment up to code.  I’ve  now taken all of my meds—melatonin/Theanine supplement included.  I have maybe a half-hour until unconsciousness.

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