NOT Winning!

A win during Script Frenzy—my first Script Frenzy—is not going to happen.

Several things came up in the process of me writing this:


  • I wound up getting sick a few times—PTSD is a mother.
  • I went broke again due partially to the PTSD—my job has not been accommodating until recently.  It’s improved vastly since that hellish day.  (But if my supervisor pulls that sort of thing again, I’m suing.  I might still do it.  She could’ve put me back in the hospital.)
  • The—

 *record needle scratches*

…you know what, it’s probably going to be easier to say that PTSD happened and leave it at that.  It’s been getting in the way of most things lately, and it’s difficult to shake.

But even with that phantom hanging around over my shoulder, even without the ability to win this thing (unless I can manage to crank 40 pages in a two-day span), I’m going to finish this script.  The simple fact is, I’ve fallen in love with the story, which is the magic recipe for finishing a draft.  And what’s not to love?  We have vengeance, wrongful death, redemption, and the hope that love can be found even in the afterlife.  I am going to finish it, I am going to polish it, and—gods willing—I am going to pitch it and get it sold.

Even if it winds up being sort of an art house-sort of film.  And even if it winds up being more of a mini-series instead.  One of my favorite writers once said that a script is a blueprint, and most of the shiny-making gets done long after the original writer’s main work is done.  I’ll be keeping that in mind while I finish up.  I’m guessing if I relax and make sure to get a little bit done as close to every day as possible, it’ll get done before the middle of May.

Add to the story…

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