Process: Script (Or: “You go here and do this, OK?”)

I’ve gotten back to work on my script that I began for Script Frenzy, even though a victory is not something I’ll be able to declare on the contest.  However, I’m going to finish the thing anyway, because I like the way the story’s going and I want to have a finished script under my belt before November hits.


And now to dork about my script project!
(Note:  No title mentioned because I need to come up with something that sounds less like a cheesy romance novel title.  Seriously.  I’m TERRIBLE with titles.)


A little voice…?

In the script, an angel and god play important parts—in fact, the angel is one of the most important characters in the entire setup.  It was easy to come up with a compelling design for the angelic character—but giving a concrete presence to God (capital G for clarity here)?  Now there was a daunting task.  Rather than coming up with physical form, I decided to convey this particular character by sound.

It’s a rather artful (at least I thought so) conceit because it gets around the fact that three different people could see the same thing four different ways, to riff on an old rabbi’s joke.  The other thing that I liked about it was the fact that it gave me a chance to play around with reactions—it’s one thing to know what was said right off, but it’s another to watch the reactions as the thing progresses.

I’m well aware of how difficult it is to represent such a thing in a script, though, and deciding just what sound would be perfect to manifest the ‘voice’ of God not to mention getting around the fact that according lore only Metatron can actually hear said voice without developing an exploding head was a bit of work.  I eventually decided on a series of chime-like bells: soft and quiet when calm, discordant when agitated, brazen and loud when angered.  Only test readers will be able to tell me if this worked properly.


Snark Factor.

I’m going to have to reconcile the snark with the storyline…the snark’s necessary to keep the main plot from getting depressing (after all, my protagonist’s literally a dead man—not undead, just plain old regular dead) but I’ve got some mood whiplash working in this thing. Sometime during the editing phase, I’ll have to balance things out…which means—


Scope Change.


I’m probably going to wind up with something other than a movie-screenplay. I might have a miniseries before this thing is done.  Or I might adapt it into a graphic novel.  Or I might even just novelize it and go the novella route.  I could do all three.

Or I could just take the red-pen-and-scissors approach until it FITS in the movie-format.

I haven’t decided yet.  Hells, I haven’t even finished yet.  I’m WAY ahead of myself here.

So now I’m going to turn around and get started on getting finished.

Add to the story…

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