100 Things #3: Finishing What I Started.

This may seem just the tiniest bit bland—I mean, how exciting is it to finish something that you started, really? It’s something that you were supposed to do in the first place, and no amount of sideways talking will change that fact. But nonetheless (yay, occasion to use that word!) I am quite happy when I finish something I start, especially if it’s something that is even remotely important.

There’s just something about the act of completion, riding something through to its destined end, when you just take a breather and bask in the afterglow…

Okay, that sounded less wrong in my head. Moving on!

*tires rev*


I’m not known for finishing things (yet). I’m more known for the things that I think I’m going to start and then never do them. Recent years, however, have changed that up a bit, and I’ve been buckling down on things—NaNoWriMo has been a powerful motivator, and I tend to put myself through multiple ‘WriMos’ just to build the skill more.

I remember the first time that I finished a piece. I did a few skip-steps and then spent the next few hours periodically squeeing…

What? I don’t have the dexterity to do backflips.

It just felt so good to have completed something for once. It was almost like a high, and I rode that high for as long as I could, because nothing really compared to that feeling. …and then, about an hour later and lots of squeaky “Yay”-s, I sort of went WHUNK! right to sleep. Two things that they don’t tell you about NaNoWriMo:


  • Once you finish, your body will INSIST on catching up on missed sleep RIGHT DAMN NOW, and
  • Finishing again after the first one is just as good as the first time.
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