Fasting is for nutters…that said, I just finished a fast.

So, as it turns out, there was a massive power outage at the doc’s today, and so the labs were put off. This means that all the fasting that I did in preparation for the tests was without a point to speak of. The good news is, I know that I can handle a fast. In fact, when I woke up this morning, I’d not remembered ever feeling quite that good waking up.

Well, aside from the morning confusion which I’m just sort of going to have to get used to—I just try to avoid tripping over my feet or the bin or the wheelchair. Even cleaned up there is a shocking number of things that one can trip over or into in this apartment.

I have to fast again on Wednesday. Considering how good I felt this morning, I’m thinking about making a fast a bi-weekly thing: every two weeks, stick to water, soups, and juicing, to give my stomach a chance to reset for a day. That ulcer has been wreaking havoc on my system and making food seem like a better idea than it actually is, considering the state of my throat and stomach. After all that time not eating, my stomach’s had a chance to rest—and more importantly, it’s getting a hell of a lot easier to tell when I’m eating out of actually being hungry or eating because I’m bored/stressed/sad/need a distraction. I wind up stopping now, thinking, “Do I really want to eat this, or is there some other reason that I want this sandwich/candy/cookie/what have ye?”

Indeed, most of my time at the outset was just “I want food, I want food, I WANT FOOD!” After a few more hours (and several bowls of dashi miso) food seemed…less important. I was even able to look at Food Porn Daily’s web site without feeling deprived. (WARNINGS FOR: extremely pretty, graphic pictures of delicious food). Waking up this morning, I wasn’t even hungry.

And even when I COULD eat again without restrictions, I kept it under much tighter control than I usually do.

The only thing was, it made me TIRED. The whole notion of fasting just boggles my mind.

But I survived. =)


Note: Next 100 Things post coming up tomorrow. ❤


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