Chocolate? Bacon? Yes!

I might have a small problem to deal with. Things stress me out, I buy stuff. Usually something frivolous that, upon returning home, I wonder why the hell I bought it in the first place, as I look at my receipt and my now-smaller bank account.

Today was not one of those situations.

It is ALSO true that, when I have advance warning that things are going to get really tight, I hoard supplies. Soaps (eight bars in a bag under my chair, ready to grab one when the current bar is reduced to a sliver); dry goods and canned goods (you can’t have too much rice or flour handy); ghee (because a little goes a long way and I can eat a LOT of butter); and frozen fruit (because I like smoothies and baking things with it). Currently I have an absurd amount of frozen fruit and dry cereals: two boxes and one bag of cold; Cream of Wheat, FIVE POUNDS of oatmeal.

Which is why I now am going to have to pull a clever fiat where it comes to my money now: I don’t have QUITE enough to pay off every one of the bills that came up, but I can do a fiat on that—it’s due a week before payday. I can pay for THAT ONE WEEK and still have enough money left over that when I need to replace my medications again, I can pull it off without much difficulty.

Today wasn’t all about getting things done. It was also for this.



For proof I made sure to center this on my bed. Bacon chocolate bars are a thing. And delicious.

There’s also beef jerky chocolate. And pepper chocolate with Pop Rocks.

Lavender chocolate.

Rose chocolate.

Basically, if it is chocolate, there’s a strong chance that someone will attempt something unorthodox.

Next payday? Lavender.

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