THE Susan Calloway!

THE Susan Calloway!

Excuse me while I squee. 


I left work late on Sunday afternoon to discover an email in my inbox. I checked it, thinking that maybe one of you wonderful people had updated just recently and I needed to get into a wifi-enabled zone fast enough so that I could reply without having to pray that Cricket Wireless’s spotty 3G coverage would actually let me load a page, when I see it:

A simple alert, from my Tumblr where I go for periodic mind-candy, not of a post or a picture, but to deliver the news:

Susan Calloway was following my Tumblr.


THE Susan Calloway, the beauty to whom my above link…er, links…was now following my Tumblr.


…to my credit, I managed to get home before I started squeeing. I love this woman’s voice, her music. I stumbled across it one day looking for a specific song. Foreign language link pops up. Easy way to get my attention: music that isn’t presented in English. The link above, actually.

English lyrics kicked in half through, and I fell in love with a voice on the radio.

…yes, I know that Youtube is not a radio station. But “and I fell in love with a voice on” doesn’t have nearly the lyrical ring to it.

Then I heard and saw her live… she creates an effect where you catch yourself hearing the words, and reaching out as if you could catch each one and hold it firm to your breast, where it would never get away. They wrap around you, making just enough contact so that you know they’re there, but staying far enough away that you continue to long for more even as the song continues…


TL;DR? I’m a huge huge HUGE fan and the fact that she’s following my Tumblr… 

Well, I am quite frankly flabbergasted.

I’m gonna go to bed now and swoon more over this–and hope my fingers are unlocked enough to take Thing  #8. My hands are surprisingly stiff, and stuck in a crab-claw sort of position–they won’t straighten.


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