100 Things #8. That feeling you get once you come home after work and you sort of just flop over

When you think about that for a second it really doesn’t seem to make that much sense—I mean, why would you ever want to be that tired? Being tired isn’t enjoyable. But what I’m talking about is what you feel like after a really tiring, but really good day at work. That feeling when you just feel sort of noodly and just satisfied that you’ve managed to get to your favorite chair or the bed and finally relax.

Maybe you get up in a while, have a glass of iced tea or something, while you just sort of enjoy that feeling that the day’s important business is done with an the next time you need to get up, it’s for your own purposes, not someone else’s.

When I have a day like that, I like to unwind with first an espresso and cream shot (equal parts Toddy concentrate and cream in a highball glass). Once the caffeine’s kicked in and rendered me able to do more than just sip at delicious coffee, I like to have some exotic juices. Today ‘exotic juices’ included a highball composed of equal parts homemade blueberry nectar and tart cherry juice concentrate…a nice little healthy drink, actually more satisfying than the rum and horchata I got used to when things were bad.

(Semi related? Considering learning how to make that.)

And once everything’s completely done…the nice easy sleep that comes afterwards.

Good night. 🙂

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