Heat Waves Make Things Difficult.

I quite literally can’t really think straight. Case in point: the line “think straight” was typed three separate times as “thing straight.” I repeatedly turned around and corrected it three times before I got it right.

It’s entirely too hard to think at any length without a working air conditioner in this apartment. Mine blows air, but the compressor was apparently behind what the “*ba-BAM*” noise was, which means that the air is going fast enough to cool a bit, but the cooling part of the machine is…what’s the word…TOAST.

I’ve been trying to work on original work but I can’t carry on a long string of thought without completely brainzapping on it.

Heck, I brainzap on what I went to the fridge for two seconds ago when I get my head in.

100 Things will return when I have air conditioning.

Meanwhile, anybody got any favorite ways to cool off? I’m fond of the ice pack pillow: take one of those goopy ice pack things, freeze, stick ‘em in the bed a few hours before turning in. Stick one under a pillow—you can flip it later for EXTREMELY cold side of pillow. Open-mouthed smile


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