New: Verse—Ancient love poem gathering dust.

Sometimes at work I get little phrases in my head. They are often unorthodox enough that I have to stop and write them down. It’s like in Ocarina of Time, where Navi will go “HEY!”

(interesting fact: the phrase “HEY! LISTEN!” is actually a memetic mutation. It was never a unified phrase—but if you were fast enough on that Up C button—and you had to be if you didn’t want to hear another “HEY!” in three minutes—it sure sounded like it.)

Either way, I do stop and “LISTEN!” to the phrase that pops up in my head when it happens.

The final product, when I get home, usually takes the form of verse.

(Below cut: “Ancient love poem gathering dust”)

An empty room, shut up for decades.
Smiling former tenant no longer aroud
to find the things within.
Taken by the most persistent of nemeses, Time
ripped him away from his loves

Unknown watcher sits.
Bearer of messages remains mute
no one around to hear his words
no one around to see his lie
Ancient love poem, gathering dust
sits upon the cloth
ink long dried on pen tip
writer’s tool silenced

Meaningless prattle.
All that ever was
sits here, waiting.

Ancient love poem, gathering dust,
lying unread for decades.
Why it has not been taken, no one knows.

Lifted from its warm tomb
a message absconds from its hiding place.
Words carefully set down
gentle, tender
The hidden face of a lover, once lost
—but still not found—
returning to mind,
bringing a smile.

Ancient love poem, gathering dust no more
finds its way to its intended.


©2012 Railenthe Y. Zeal

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