100 Things #10: Learning Something New.

Note: I’ve tried to post this several times now, but every client I’ve used recently has freaked out every time. This time it should fly, though…aaaand I probably jinxed it.

I’m a sucker when something catches my interests. Like cooking exotic foods. I see it, I find it interesting, and then I go out of my way to see if I can learn how to do/make it, no matter what decides to jump in my way to stop me. For instance, learning how to make sushi. The fact that I live in a fairly rough area, black majority, was one of the first things that got in my way, but not in the way that you’d think.

No, the problem I had was with the area’s miniscule food vocabulary.

“What’s short-grain rice? That like Riceland?” “Rice pudding…what is that?” “You looking for TOFU? But—you ain’t Japanese…?” and my personal favorite: “But black people don’t eat that!”

At that last one, I literally laughed in the clerk’s face and went to the store’s branch three towns over.


I’m the same way with video games, whether it be an exploit or legit gameplay.

And I took the same approach when I did my first NaNoWriMo—I learned I CAN write something of a novel’s length. I also learned that you can’t rush that stuff…as it goes, I’m about to start the third part using this November as a springboard—which is where I learned that pacing is a tricky demon to corral, and also that the original plan for the project that I had is going to be MUCH trickier than I thought.

Good thing I bought Chuck Wendig’s latest book of stupid writer tricks. I know I can do this with the angel monkey on one shoulder and the devil monkey in the fridge making my coffee brew faster. (The devil monkey refuses to work without at least two cups of coffee in my system.)

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