So I get home from the doctor with some interesting news.

First, I find out that my immunity is located just barely on the right side of “properly functioning” and so we’re mot worried.

Second, I find out that I have high cholesterol.


Wait, what?


Yep I got high cholesterol. Well technically, if we’re being totally  honest, I have borderline high cholesterol. But it’s FOUR LOUSY POINTS off from being high on the chart, so yeah, we’re operating on the assumption that we’re in ‘high’ mode. I’ve got to completely overhaul how I eat, and it’s in my best interests to get back to working out.

I can’t cut down on the meat as much as I’d like because I need the protein to rebuild my bum leg. So I’ve got to do more exercise, cut down on the pizza cheese bread, and I’ve begun taking red yeast rice to help knock it back down.


OK, year—what else you got?


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