100 Things #12: The Local Bookstore.

I don’t get out much, but when I do get out, it is usually to go to the local bookstore.

Once, my bookstore of choice was Borders. I didn’t frequent Barnes and Noble as often because I felt like they were just an upstart trying to poach people from Borders—also, I liked Borders’s coffee better.  It’s cold brew, and easier on my poor stomach.

I was at work when I heard that Borders was going out of business. Stunned, I got stuck as I tried to finish my work that day, wondering what I was going to do after I lost my usual spot.

The answer was simple enough—go to Barnes and Noble instead. So I did.

Even though I was picky about where I went, the fact remained that one of my favorite places to go to unwind remained the closest bookstore to my home. (Well, the closest non-Christian bookstore. There’s like six of them in a twelve-mile radius of here.) Normally I didn’t really do much besides wander the aisles, looking at titles before buying one, taking my purchase to the café area, and then reading while I drank a Jones soda or something. It is without the jarring quiet that can sometimes befall a library, but quiet enough to be able to easily concentrate on what you are reading. Or eating. Or wandering the aisles looking for.

I know I own a pair of ereaders, but even so, I like to unwind there. For one, my device lets me read a full book without buying for an hour. It’s a nice way to unwind, and so I go as often as I can.

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