100 Things #13: The Table for One (Favorite Restaurants)

Being single, I normally wind up doing things like going out on my own to have some fun—and while there are people out there who think that this sort of thing is exceedingly sad, there are others who find nothing strange about it—in fact, they revel in it.

Something that falls into this category is eating out at restaurants. I know a few people who have a borderline phobia about going out to eat by themselves, and therefore refuse to do it.

I’m not one of those people.

In fact, I often enjoy my food more if I’m not eating with someone else. I love to go out and treat myself to some delicious yummy-yummies, and I have a few favorite places that I go to for this.


Fitz’s: Located in the loop, Fitz’s makes one mean bison burger. I don’t get out there often enough—in fact, the last time was right before the…unpleasantness. But I plan on making a return. They also brew their own root beers and other sodas (so if you were wondering, yes, it IS that Fitz’s). You haven’t had a good root beer until you’ve had a fresh Fitz’s. The flavor’s so strong, your tongue goes a bit numb from it.


Wasabi: A sushi bar that I first went to for a friend’s birthday. Their futomaki rolls are to die for: the tamagoyaki is sweetened perfectly and light and fluffy. Their plum tea is also amazing, and I don’t mind that it costs $2 a glass, not for THAT delicious taste.

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