Health at No Size? Misunderstanding Skinny!Fat

After reading the last comment on this article—from a (I presume) lady convinced she’s skinny-fat at 5’1″ and 127 lbs—it really hits me how VERY dysfunctional most women’s relationships with their bodies are. As someone with 30 lbs (once 40!) on her, and yet still widely considered skinny (lol, oxymoron)—I am perplexed. Are we really THAT obsessed with being able to fit into the kids’ clothing selections that we’re willing to put ourselves through hell without actually knowing our actual health level?

I understand the point of the article. After receiving my numbers I am aware that I am skinny-fat: I have elevated cholesterol. My triglycerides—well, let’s not go there, for dint of dodging nightmares. About the only numbers that came out good were iron count and glucose—after about a decade, my hypoglycemia is under control.

But so many are missing the point entirely, taking this in the direction that leads to so-called thinspiration—aiming to get thin at all costs, even those who are already svelte.

Thoughts? Are we misguided on weight? Anyone else skinny!fat?


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