100 Things #14: The Roundabout—Aimless Bus Rides?!

Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but sometimes, when I’ve got nothing better to do that day, I like to take the long way home. This usually means catching the bus instead of the lightrail train. As an example, a destination that normally takes about 40 minutes to get to from point A to point B can take twice as long if I take the winding bus route there instead of the (relatively) straight shot on the train. It gives me time to relax, and on days where my brain isn’t playing tricks on me and making me see scorpions that don’t exist or think that anything with a Y-chromosome is out to put its hands on me in places I didn’t expressly approve of—it gives me time to people watch.

On one of these trips, I once found out about a neat trick that has become one of my favorite fitness cheat-tips—if you’re short of food or money, you can stretch a morning’s meal by chasing it with a tablespoon and a half of chia seeds and two FULL GLASSES OF WATER (that’s very important—the chia seeds will soak up everything and expand in your stomach). This trick got me through work, through grocery shopping, and home without trying to figure out a way to eat uncooked bison meat without getting food poisoning.

What can I say, I work better with a bit of red meat in me.

Another thing that I like: the people-watching that I can do on the bus. With my giant Sennheisers on (but the iPods off) I can pick up on some seriously interesting things to watch. I remember this one time where there was this couple arguing over what Bundle #3’s name would be. Well…not quite an ARGUMENT, more like spirited discussion. But things got interesting. The good news is that there doesn’t seem to be any impending “Shaqueesha’s” being added to the census any time soon.

Bus rides like this give me a chance to get my head together.

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