100 Things #15: The Park

I don’t get out as much as I used to. Part of it is because of this blasted junk knee; the other part of it is because I have COMPLETELY lost my heat tolerance. Right about now is the perfect time of year for me to try and hit a favorite park, but RIGHT NOW right now is a bad time to be out there.

See, the place is kinda sorta a HUGE MUDHOLE right now due to the sudden opening of the skies and such. And my shoes are canvas.

On days when I can get to the park I usually don’t do much of anything. I sit around and enjoy the atmosphere and the absence of modern technology. Sometimes, I hit the playground equipment for a playground-circuit workout (Flip a swing over the bar a few times and then use the swing for upside-down curls, or make use of the slide for plank-to-incline pushups!)

…ok, I admit it. Sometimes I just get on the swings for the fun of it.

I also sometimes use the time to people-watch.

And when I replace my ocarina, I’ll be practicing there again. 🙂

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