100 Things #18: The Loop

I’m going to get incredibly local for this one, but that’s because this place is awesome enough that the local brochures that fill the stands in the hotels feature it prominently as a place to visit—really, the place is a no-miss.

I’m talking about the Delmar Loop in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Easily accessible by public transportation (parking can be a nightmare, though), the place seems to be a huge stretch of space that has pretty much whatever you’re thinking of getting that day. Need a trendy, new-to-you outfit? They’ve got it. Fashionable boutiques? Got it. Craving an awesome meal? Your biggest problem will be deciding WHERE to go—I can’t think of a cuisine that isn’t represented there.

There are quite a few head shops on the Loop. (A head shop is where things like glass pipes, vaporizers, and herbal incense are sold.) Those places almost always smell like a combination of sandalwood and vanilla cake, for some reason. Those places also tend to have lovely bohemian fashions, and are my favorite places to look for something to jazz up my outfit.

Another nice place on the Loop is Fitz’s, a local burger joint that also holds a microbrewery for some of the best root beer I’ve ever had. We’re talking a root beer with a flavor bite so strong that you can’t feel your tongue if you drink it too fast. (FYI: WORTH IT♫) They also make a bison burger that is simply divine. If I hit the Loop, I at least have to stop for a few of their root beers, even if I don’t eat.

The Pageant is an awesome concert venue. It’s classed as mid-size, but the place holds a surprisingly large crowd. It’s a unique space because unlike some venues, the Pageant doesn’t have a decided genre preference. It’s why you can see such disparate acts like Ludo and Boney James within a few weeks of one another. (Just remember to bring your ID. They card OBSESSIVELY.)

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