100 Things #19: The Library.

I don’t get a chance to go to the library often. The local library is in an area of town where I’d rather not have to wait at the bus stop, and getting my card renewed at my old library, a town over, would be excruciatingly expensive. So I usually have to settle for the library on campus. Normally this’d be a no go too, but I’ve actually been a student at the local college in the past, so no one asks questions.

(Am I now? Well, no. I don’t make enough money on top of these bills right now.)

It’s a nice place to go when I need to get some work done without the distractions of the TV, neighbors, or allure of gaming pursuits to distract me.

And, when things have gotten boring, I go there for reccomendations on what to read next. In fact, it was the library where I got clued into the Gutenberg project. I wasn’t able to capitalize on it until last year, though, when I got my Nook (my phone at the time couldn’t open the file type and its OS wasn’t supported).

The nice thing about the library is that you can read for free, and then later decide if you want something to have a permanent place in your library.

Well…that and…this is going to sound like a weird question, but you know that smell that you can pick up in an old library? The smell of leather covers, ink, and sweet-smelling paper? I love that smell. One of the things I do when I get a new book in hardcopy is to take a deep breath, enjoy the smell of the pages before I begin reading.

…ok, maybe it IS a little strange.

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