100 Things #20: Grocery Stores.


I like food. I seriously like food. Like, as in people sometimes ask me if I used to be a fat kid. For the record, I didn’t, but I understand what they’re getting at. Sometimes I feel kind of like a fat kid in a skinny girl’s body. The shenanigans that my grandmother pulled didn’t help.

Short version: In high school I hit a healthy weight of 120 lbs. The doctors stopped worrying. People quit commenting on my ‘skeletal wrists’ and such. My grandmother immediately began rationing food at me—I couldn’t eat to full. She called me fat. She told me to get thin again. I started working out aggressively. I began to see a fat girl in the mirror instead of actual!me. I got a job so I could afford to eat more—if I bought my own things, she couldn’t keep me from eating (wrong, as I found out). Basically, I wound up with body dysmorphic disorder by proxy: she thought I was fat, called me fat often, and I started believing it.

Eventually I got past this, but my fascination for going through the aisles to find the healthiest tasty things remained. I was fascinated with the ‘new’ diet foods like yogurt and wheat germ, and the exotic fish I could get from stores when I shopped by myself. The combination of my grandmother’s neurosis and my family’s fascination with foods we (usually) couldn’t afford but kept seeing on Food Network conspired to turn me into a foodie. (And, I will admit, maybe a little bit of a food snob on some things.)

I like to wander the aisles a while before I buy anything. I walk in with a shopping list, of course, but I want to know about all the new good things, the new healthy things that are out (Chia seeds? Who knew?), and I want to try as many of them as I possibly can. This is how I wound up with a pound of chia seeds on top of my refrigerator. (For the record, they are amazing. My energy shoots up when I eat them, and they let me do more on less food. Now if only I could get past the gel’s texture…) One of my favorite things to do on the major run to the store is to find one thing I haven’t tried and give it a shot. Goat cheese was the most recent thing I tried. Delicious, tangy, strong but with a smooth finish.

I wonder what I’ll try next month. I want an exotic fruit or something.

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