It has become something of a tradition for me: sign up for NaNoWriMo. Have something happen. Fail to do a damn thing because of weird events happening.

Except when I didn’t fail.

Of course, there are people who don’t get it—“You’re not getting paid for this, right?” “You don’t really USE that every day, do you?” [in reference to last year’s price, a discount on Scrivener] “What’s the point?” Or the most infuriating of all: “This isn’t anything beyond a hobby. Why are you wasting your time?”

…yeah, have I mentioned I’m no longer dating that guy? OK.

The fact is, this thing is a sprint that helps me to remember what it is that I am doing. I like the competition because it lights a fire under my narrow arse and reminds me of the adage, ABW—Always Be Writing.

So the first bit of preparation has begun—outlining. I actually started this outline a little after the end of last year’s competition, but things have changed since then, and so I need to alter the projected trajectory. Things have steadily gotten darker, and I’ve been watching my voice and style form as I do this project. I’m rather pleased at where it is going.

I should get to sleep. Work won’t wait in the morning, now will it?



  1. Skylark says:

    I have access to an Internet computer right now so am responding to the hostility and prejudice imbued in your comment about me at N’s site.
    ***There is NO law in Australia that bans me from responding to a blogger who comments about me on the Internet, you obtuse, ignorant man/woman!***
    If you read my blogs at my web site which is at: http://www.responsetonoeleen.wordpress.com
    you will know that I also obtained an intervention order against N. In fact, both intervention orders (Mutual Consent Orders Without Admissions) were identical. So N has not ‘won’ anything that I haven’t also ‘won’ against her.
    I find you stupid, aggressive, judgmental, ignorant.
    If you comment about me on the World Wide Web in a derogatory and unjust way, then you have to understand that you might receive an unwelcome response from me. That’s just the way it goes!
    And, of course you’re welcome to forward this message to N.

  2. Let the record show that your hateful, mean-spirited ramble has been seen and reported. Do not visit my page again, for I do not deal with those who would spread hate.

    Any further hatespeech will be immediately deleted. This comment remains intact as a record of your unsolicited, harassing doublespeak.

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