100 Things #24: Mall Walks.

I’ll wait for you to finish laughing and calling me an old fogey before I continue.

Got it out of your systems, now? Good.

On my off days, when I’ve hit quota on writing and just need to NOT LOOK AT PRINTED WORDS for a while (after a few marathon days, my vision literally cannot focus on text of any kind), I tend to hit the bus stop and decide what I’ll do on the fly. More often than not this defaults to window shopping. And where has the most things to window shop at? (Window shop for? near? SYNTAX?!) is the mall.

It’s fairly easy to be inconspicuous doing this—for one, I don’t join the seniors during their mall walks. I just try to look sharp and coordinate my outfit to the iPods I own (two different shades of green, and I can’t clash with either one or I look like I’m trying too hard.)

The usual stops involve the vitamin store (where I usually buy something) and the newest clothing stores (where I usually don’t).

I try to avoid going into any candle stores, though—if I go into a candle store I WILL be coming home with their best vanilla candles and maybe a pound (?!) of incense. (What? I like things that smell nice.)

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