100 Things #26: Photography

I’ll admit it: I’m a bit of a noob where it comes to photography. One of my first memories of Christmas is of one where I got both things I wanted: a pink Barbie Corvette and a Polaroid camera. I was five…

Yeah, my perfect holiday was a camera and a pink Barbie car. I didn’t even OWN any Barbie dolls. I just liked (still like’em, too) Corvettes and I liked pink. (I’d eventually sour on pink, as it was all anyone wanted to buy for me to wear, but it’s slowly getting back in my good graces.)

I’d take pics of almost anything, and demand that someone ‘grade’ me on it. (Have I ever mentioned I’m a geek?) As I got older, I started using a regular film camera, but as it turned out, no one was willing to drive me to anywhere that’d develop the pictures.

On Digital

However, the rapidly changing technology meant that I was able to pick up the hobby again a few years ago. My first digital camera was this little pink VGA Hello Kitty thing that took surprisingly good pictures and came with software that let you transform photos into iron-on transfers, jigsaw puzzles, and positively adorable drag-and-drop things that let you add some more flair to the photos. The rise of digital photography did me quite a few favors—it made it cheaper for me to learn the ins and outs of good photo composition, and it let me learn the basics of good photography for FAR less than what my high school (and indeed, local college) was demanding. I’m not a pro by any stretch, but I can catch nice things.

And she isn’t much bigger now that she’s grown up, either.

Phones on cameras often infuriate purists, but even my dinky cameraphone can net some nice shots.

ALSO Tesla, from above. She belongs to friends of mine. And while she often acts like she hates it (“NO! NO CUDDLES!”) she can be quite affectionate. When I stay over and crash on the couch, her favorite method of rousing me is a cold nose beep. You know—when she beeps you in the nose with HER nose? It’d be irritating if she weren’t so cute and soft.

Also, for some incredibly strange reason, she always smells like baby powder.

You may have noticed the nifty photo effects in the second shot. I like to take my camera’s pics, upload them to Dropbox, and futz around with effects, frames, and lighting. Instagram and Path are my go-to’s for standard work, but when I REALLY want to trigger “Pretty Overload,” I begin in the app Pixl-r-matic, add the pretty stuff, and then begin to poke around in the other apps until I am satisfied with the result.

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