Again asking how Nano's going?

Well, her we are at another Weekend Checkin for Nanowrimo. How’s things going, you ask?




I got to the point where the momentum seemed to swing to a clear stop. Shit started to hit the fan, and there was a nice tension, the kind of tension that builds when you’re reading a well-crafted love scene (just me?) and you that things can only go one way, and…wall. BIG FRAKING WALL.


I actually turned around and rejiggered the index cards, and I found the solution.


TL;DR version? For the sake of narrative flow and such, at least for Zero Draft, Lollipop Bite has become TWO volumes.


And the Louis patriarch? Cedric? Is not amused. A woman who works for him, a lady we know only as Wilkes so far, is…


Ohhh, man.


I don’t know if Lightning is this much of a deadpan snarker. Now granted, it’s a sort of foil that Cedric needs, since the entire Louis family tends to be kind of pie in the sky about things (Mmm, pie), and since things are getting DEADLY SERIOUS—but still.


I gotta bounce. Only 11k words left, and I need to sleep at some point.

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