Underrated, underexperienced Lazy Saturday.

I don’t get lazy Saturdays very often. So finding out that I had Saturday off this week was a little strange. Being shorthanded at the hotel, I was thinking about how much they’d be screwed if they didn’t call me in—or if they did and I just made sure to say “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO.” I wasn’t feeling working on my second Saturday off this year, and I was going to laze around and do nothing.

(This song basically sums it up—except for the fact that I didn’t go out and meet any nice girls for some really nice sex, anyway.)

I’d also intended on dropping in on my folks, delivering some turkey legs to them, but…man, getting that sleep this morning was good. I didn’t feel like doing anything. So I didn’t.

So far, I’ve looked up a bunch of recipes so that I could make my own answer to several junk-food favorites, eaten a little something-something, put a tiny bit of work into what will be some table-top RPG errata, and basically fantasized about a big, huge, bison burger. That last one WILL be accomplished later tonight. It is very easy to underestimate the value of doing nothing at all in our monkey-mind, runaround day.

I haven’t even been on any of my messenger accounts, really: that’s how lazy I’ve been today. I don’t I don’t plan on it, either. This lazy Saturday is a gift from me to me, and I’m going to wear the shiny off of it.

What? The wordcount? …Okay, that’s one exception. But I’m hitting quota and then I swear I’m not doing anything.

Nothing at all. 🙂

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