So Long, Not-So-Apocalyptic!

The year is ending, winding down. It seems to have gone faster than the year before. I’ve been free of the thing dragging me down for the last few years, but taking its place is that demon whose name sounds like a rimshot, the PTSD.

*kicks it in the teeth*

If you couldn’t tell, I’ve got no patience with this thing. Sure, I have three months of meds waiting for me until my next doctor appointment. But I’d rather this was out of my head so I can go off of these damn pills. I mean, the recovery is according to my doctors faster than the norm but that’s because I’m flipping the bird to the whole damn thing—seriously, FUCK this thing in my head.

I learned sushi.

I learned fancy crème brulee things.

I learned that I look good in satiny things.

I learned I’m worth more than some manipulative jerkass.

And I learned to get on with my life after the manipulative jerkass.

Here’s to 2013.

Now I should eat something.

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