Well a boring day beats the hell out of yesterday.

The second day of 2013 begins as uneventfully as the first day did—with the revelation that I’ve overslept. I hit the phone in its face and discover that a text message received at 0607—read at roughly the same time—that states that I’ve been called off. That’s the last thing I know before I wake up around an hour ago getting a phone call from my father asking if I’ve been in the hospital—someone is apparently using him as an emergency contact and is in the hospital; however, we don’t know the person, and since the last time he got a phone call in the hospital he assumed it was me.

I’m afraid my response didn’t do much to reassure him. With what my migraines have been doing I’ve been spending most daylight hours practically comatose. I reassured him that I am not in fact in the hospital and proceeded to eat ‘breakfast:’ four cups of Cheerios (two large bowls) with almond milk.

My replacement Fitbit—that little gadget I wear to track my movement levels and BMR—has not arrived. I plan on giving them until Friday before firing off an irritable e-mail. I know that the post office in this area is derpy—so why have me send the one remaining part one method and post the replacement another method? No sense, this makes. However, a week with zero mail at all makes me feel like waiting until Friday is prudent.

A doctor appointment tomorrow. The plan is to take it easy—very easy—until bedtime. Even my leisure this evening is going to be as brainless as I can stand to get it, with some old SNES games being played, a glass of seltzer here or there.

Dinner will be slightly less brainless. Since I’m still HIGHLY IRRITABLE about what happened yesterday (fuck tha police!) I’m still feeling comfort food. Today’s shells and cheese will be enhanced with a generous helping of bacon.

…time to get my chill on. Time for a glass of grape drink.

To make up for the exceeding boringness of this day, here is Sherlock Holmes beating the living crap out of a corpse.


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