100 Things #33: Nostradormouse

There were a few things in my Nook that were pre-loaded when I bought it—Nostradormouse, a story targeted ostensibly to children, was one of them (Or it might not have been. My memory is fuzzy). For some reason, I could not access the book on my first device, but when I grabbed my Nook Tablet, I read it.

And fast.

Nostradormouse begins with the birth of a mouse with prophetic abilities, who goes on a pilgrimage of sorts. As he travels, the animals are given names (not as in “You are a possum, and you are a beaver”). As he names his ‘people’ the animals go from being a collective without any differentiation to individuals.

The story has gentle underthreads of Norse mythology, something you rarely see outside of video games nowadays.

Got a Nook? I’ll lend it if you ask! See, me going much further than I have here will result in me gushing over it and spoiling the whole thing.

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