Mini rant. Barely even a rant. More of a rantlet.


So, here’s a serious question.

How the FUCK does one deserve to get banned from a-called supportive group just for asking an honest question that doesn’t fall into your accepted binary? While I don’t intend on naming names of groups or places in the body of this post—why should I drive them traffic when they’ve defeated their purpose by banning someone honestly asking a question—it is a serious question.

OK. That’s out of my system now. I’ll buzz off and do something productive now.

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So I hop on my computer to make sure that I have a video ready to post when


“…hey, where’s my videos?”


As it turns out, the time my computer freaked out and shut down due to overheating?


Yeah, it was one of the times I was working on LTTP LP videos.




Luckily, the draft edit autosaved, so I can recreate the corrupted bad videos, but this also means that I have to do all that work again. I’ll try to have it all done by the next 100 Things post.

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I’ve fallen behind on updates. So tomorrow I’m putting up two vids–a little short–as an update. I’m also breaking out my first ocarina, a Songbird six-hole sweet potato. I might try teaching myself how to play again. I haven’t played since I lost my big one. It was just too hard.

But when I broke that one, other things, connected to the rough crap of last year, started breaking as well. But for the better. Now I might even be able to get out of this trigger cube.

Time to get on with it.

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Go Home, Stoplight. You Are Drunk.


The weather here in the Midwest has been…let’s call it exciting. The tornadic winds (which barely missed us, according to the emergency management team who discussed storm safety with the building) blew this stoplight askew. …It’s in better shape than one a little closer to my place, which is facing the wrong direction entirely.

Midwestern spring: don’t like the weather? Wait ten minutes.

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