100 Things #36: Irregular Creatures by Chuck Wendig

This is the second post where I gush about Chuck Wendig’s work—what can I say, I’m a fan. Irregular Creatures is a collection of his short stories, varying in tone from delightfully dark to friendly family fun—as someone first introduced to him via the blog, the latter was more jarring.

Without spoiling any of the contents, the man has an astounding creative mind. While I got used to him as an advice-tossing profanity-spouting guru, it was bumping into his narratives here that sold me on the man’s mad skills. This was one of the first books I got a sample on and was verily cheesed off when I hit the end of the sample. I honestly took a detour off my route to find someplace with wi-fi to buy the whole book.

At some point, I’m gonna have to review it on Goodreads, after I reread it again and it’s fresh in my head.

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