WTF Weather

Where am I? Counting my lucky stars that I’m safe, that’s where.

Severe weather blew over the Midwest over the last twenty four hours. The state of Oklahoma got the worst of it; a suburb of Oklahoma City called Moore has quite literally been erased from the map. There’s at least 50 dead.

Here in the East Saint Louis/Saint Louis area, we just got ludicrous flash flooding–watch the cruisers drift over the road, or what might be the road, it might be a river right now.

Here in chronic leg condition land, at about 3 AM, right at the first explosive downburst of wind and thunder, I woke up to a searing pain in my leg. For a moment, I thought I’d been hit by the lightning outside. I’ve spent the day alternating using the Pomodoro Technique–a lifehack involving doing work in short 25-minute bursts with strictly enforced break times–to alternate between cleaning the apartment and using my TENS machine to zap a short sample of pain relief into the leg. It’s the worst it’s been since the first injury three years ago, a few times today having reduced me to this pathetic whimpering thing that couldn’t do anything.

The weather shows no signs of letting up, and to add insult to injury, I have to repair my window boarding again. It blew in this morning.

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