100 Things #38: The Book of Enoch.

The history of the Bible is an interesting thing. A collection of stories culled from both the original Torah and writings created later, it is a repository of general scripture that a multitude of branches of Christianity take as sacred. (Some literally, but that’s not the point here.

Certain stories did not make it into the full text, known as the Canon. These are collectively called Apocrypha. Some texts are apocryphal because a) they may have incited heresy (Gospel of Judas), b) were generally disliked by specific people in charge (Song of Solomon, which—let’s face it, is basically the first written erotica), or c) they were just plain weird (Gospel of Thomas anyone?)

The Book of Enoch—or if we’re being really careful about technicalities, 2 Enoch (read as “second Enoch”) is the story of Enoch—the second Enoch if we’re being neurotic still. (I wonder if this was intentional. If not, it’s just weird.) Enoch, an ancestor of Noah, was evidently going about his business when sudden an archangel is like “HEY! LISTEN!” and drags him into something strange. Under the angel’s tutelage he learns the secrets of creation—including the ones that the Watchers, fallen angels, taught humanity against the supreme god’s will.

Stumbling over this fact, one of the Watchers petitions Enoch to act as a go between, trying to be let back into the heavens. It’s back and forth, as Enoch learns more about what is going on and what he has to do. He is forced to be the conduit through which the divine decree—permanent exile—is delivered.

It isn’t an easy message to deliver. In fact it’s such a difficult message to both deliver and take that neither Enoch nor the Archangels take it particularly well—there is a spat between Raphael and Michael, wanting to rush in and beg an alternative decision—ANY alternative but exile.

So yeah, fallen angels beg for mercy, don’t get it, Archangels concur and want to stop it. Not a message that the church would want out there. TO THE APOCRYPHA IT GOES.

There are a few good translations out there. The Book of Enoch is considered an important part of Ethiopian Christianity, though not generally accepted as canon. I recommend it—it is an interesting read, especially for comparative religious study or for metaphysics/mythology buffs.

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100 Things #37: Chuck Wendig’s books on writing.

OK, give me one more and then I’ll be done fangirling, OK?

Though the lists and advice is pretty much all available on his blog, I have one problem with whitespace—don’t get me wrong, his layout’s classy and understated, it’s just…well, white space hurts my eyes. I picked light bulbs with a warm, redder light because the blinding white walls of my apartment—which I am not allowed to paint—gives me blinding headaches.

There’s something about having some of that snarky, profane wisdom handy at all times. There are lots of places where I got stuck, and actually caught myself asking, “WWCD?” What Would Chuck Do? With all of his work on the subject available at my back pocket, I can find the proper brain-grease to unstick the gears.

It’s not all writing advice, though—there’s life advice, there’s essays on various things, like life in general, and also blisteringly funny satire.

I’d recommend it to any creative types. It translates to every medium.

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Damn it, body, you had ONE JOB.


I have exactly one plant allergy, and that is to juniper pollen. If juniper pollen comes into contact with my skin, it looks like I’ve run face first into sandpaper that’s been used to make lovely floral arrangements of poison sumac. I found out about it this one time when I was chasing my puppy down for a bath.


As you could imagine, if it gets into my windpipe, hell ensues.


Between the ice pick headaches, sinus headaches, and that infernal juniper pollen, my mood’s been so bad that I have to avoid people. Can’t breathe, head’s going kaflooey, nothing’s getting done…at least I can do something about the last one of those. I’m drinking colloidal mineral water once a day for my headaches; my aunt recommended it, and for the last couple days it’s been a little bit better. I mean, mineral deficiency? With the size of the multi I take, it never would have occurred to me to even think of that.


Ooh. Shiny.


The Solstice is on the 21st this year. While the intention was to have my ocarina replaced by then, I decided that there were a couple of things that I wanted a little bit more at this point—also, I don’t NEED a new oc until the Winter Solstice—I’m counting on there being some kind of winter sale going on.

I’m also trying to stock up on consumables. Specifically, vape stuff. I got my grubby little mitts on a pair of new accessories, and I have my eye on two herbals.


Uh…the projects?

All projects will be resumed when and ONLY WHEN my health is squared. I have five doctor’s appointments in the span of four weeks.

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