Weather Report: Midwest Extremes.

In the span of a week, Moore, Oklahoma has been attacked again by the wrath of nature. As they take shelter, we here in the East Boogie region roll our eyes again as we have to throw sandbags at our front doors to keep the flash flood from ruining the freshly waxed tile, flooding into the basements and making the ‘shelter’ a bigger hazard than staying up on the eighth floor.

I just watched my cardboard ‘boards’ warp after hailstones the size of half dollars ripped through the cellophane wrap. I’m not surprised–hail does that. No, what surprises me is that we’re seeing weather THIS violently interesting this close to the middle point of the year. Usually in this area of the country, the weather has a single setting: Hot and Boring.

Well, it’s certainly been Hot. Boring, on the other hand…

I’m keeping a low profile tonight while this weather blows through, seeing as one wall is pretty much NOTHING BUT WINDOW and there’s lightning going on outside of it. A can of Perrier and a small bowl of green curry–not to mention my big red Vea vaporizer–and I’m making it a quiet night.

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