100 Things #37: Chuck Wendig’s books on writing.

OK, give me one more and then I’ll be done fangirling, OK?

Though the lists and advice is pretty much all available on his blog, I have one problem with whitespace—don’t get me wrong, his layout’s classy and understated, it’s just…well, white space hurts my eyes. I picked light bulbs with a warm, redder light because the blinding white walls of my apartment—which I am not allowed to paint—gives me blinding headaches.

There’s something about having some of that snarky, profane wisdom handy at all times. There are lots of places where I got stuck, and actually caught myself asking, “WWCD?” What Would Chuck Do? With all of his work on the subject available at my back pocket, I can find the proper brain-grease to unstick the gears.

It’s not all writing advice, though—there’s life advice, there’s essays on various things, like life in general, and also blisteringly funny satire.

I’d recommend it to any creative types. It translates to every medium.

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