Came home to a handwritten note explaining this.


The mushy chunk of wall is being knocked down, so they can find the leak I’ve been reporting for the last two years and finally fix it. Unfortunately it could take months. But hey, they finally believed me.

…you’d think they’d get the hint at “mushy, pliant wall.”

100 Things #41: Supernatural.

With this set of ten we switch subjects again, and dive a little bit into my favorite television things. Yes, people still watch it, and yes, there are a few things worth watching—but looking at me here you’ll get a weird impression, as I’ll go from people getting their limbs ripped clean from their bodies to…foodporn.

With that in mind, let’s talk Supernatural!


I remember when this show got started. I was in high school and I was still annoyed at the fact that Charmed was soon to be not a thing—hey, they went from ‘well researched(ish) witchcraft with a snarky but dramatic flair for demon slaying and how the rules of Wicca work’ to ‘OK let’s just throw this in here and see how the fans react’ which usually means they’re trying to wind it down. (It got better before it went bai-bai, luckily…but it left a void.) I figured “Hey, witchcraft with boys and hey he’s kinda cute let’s watch.”

Well, I could not have been wronger.

But in the good way.

Supernatural is horror done right—you’re allowed to see just enough to know that things are going to get really, really bad in about three…two…one…with a healthy dose of incredibly bizarre, almost surreal, humor. I don’t remember another leading duo with snark like that working so well—and didn’t run into it again until introduced to the Sherlock universe(s).

There’s those that think that things ended quite well at the end of season six (I think that was the one), and don’t much watch after that. I used to be one of them, but then I actually stopped to watch again after a long hiatus and found out how they kept things going. …Apparently you can’t fix the impending doom of the world without something going horrendously—and sometimes hilariously—awry.

…also, the male leads are hot.

The series has no shortage of meta, from the episode where the Winchester brothers discover that there’s slash of them, to the one where, to be helpful, they’re thrown into a parallel universe in which they are a pair of actors…playing characters named Sam and Dean Winchester…on a show called Supernatural…

Yeah. It gets WEIRD. But awesome.

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Ok, this is getting old.


See this?

This is the hole that has been in my apartment for a little over a year. Today I got home to discover a small family of mice scuttling back out of here through it. They appear to be subsiding on the glue traps–the one I just pitched was fuzzy as fuck.

I’ve just replaced them with fresh ones, and put out bug baits on top of that. Now I’m looking for any kind of tape, because I am SICK of the building manager not repairing the hole despite my many times reporting that things can get in.


And here they are!


  • 100 Things returns on Monday!
  • I’ve blown my knee out again! This time at work.
  • I’ve added to my vape collection YET AGAIN!
  • My migraines are running into each other!
  • The local public transit system has avoided (narrowly) a strike!
  • If you take a vape of vanilla vape after a drink of chocolate slimfast, it tastes like cheesecake!
  • My brain doesn’t seem to be getting the memo on sleep!
  • I just realized that I haven’t had caffeine in a week!

You know, I think I just found the problem.

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Aaaand my job has a screw loose.

I have a low grade headache. That seems to be the norm lately.

An interesting thing happened at work today—almost didn’t get there. I had this dream where I’d gotten called off from work, and as such had turned off my alarm. So I wake up with seven minutes to get dressed and out the door when I realize that the text message was a dream.

Then I get on the bus and almost sleep past my stop.

On the upside, I CARRIED the shift today.

On the downside, the legendary wait for vapemail has begun again. The new juice I ordered got rerouted somewhere and I won’t be seeing it until tomorrow, probably. It needs to hurry up. I’m getting a mild case of flavor fatigue; finally I understand the philosophy of having several ADVs (all day vapes).

A pipe went asplode at work sometime during my string of migraine-off days. It was one of the ones between floors. While the carpets were being attended to, I had to worry about the linen. While it wasn’t BAD-bad, it wasn’t exactly a cakewalk, either. There was enough rust that almost every piece of linen that was trucked over to stem the flood was rusty. Luckily, we have a bottle of pretreatment stuff that takes rust out.

Except that if you have to hit the rusty spots too many times, you erode the linen.

Yes. You read that right.

On a good day, as soon as you hit the stain with this stuff, it sort of rises up and then disappears, after which you must immediately wash it so that you don’t accidentally dye the linen rust-pink. A few of them were so bad that they took multiple hits to get clean. …and then there’s the one that somehow manages to get a hole eroded into the threading pattern and yet somehow the rust is intact.

Now, this is one of those moments where there’s only two things you can do: You say “Uhh…” and then you toss the thing behind you in the general direction of the “this has no chance in hell” bin.

(There was a lot of that today.)

Oh well. Could be worse.

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Look who's been busy!

You may have noticed that I’m getting a lot better about keeping up with the challenges I take on. Well, it’s more of a matter of getting my give-a-fuck back. I lost my give-a-fuck a while back when the weather got cruddy—I’m pretty sure I wasn’t getting enough sun throughout the entire month of May. (Three clear days out of the entire month. I mean, come on.)

I’m queueing things up so that I don’t forget about posting them. Writing things ahead of time and putting them on a schedule. I have to make sure I can get back into the rhythm again.

OK, so then what about the other thing?

I have that in reserve, as well. Now that I can look at a screen for any length of time without my head exploding, it’s time to work on that, too.

Anything else in the works?

Actually, seeing how bad I am at keeping track of one thing at a time, I’m going to start limiting the number of projects I work at once.

Stay tuned!

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