100 Things #39: The Writings of Rumi.

Rumi is a name that you may have heard before. I can’t say much without basically rhapsodizing about him, so I’ll keep it simple. Rumi’s writings are important to Sufism—the religion with the whirling dervishes—and have a different sort of feel to them than books like the Bible and the Torah.

Rumi’s poems have a certain intimacy and immediacy about them, a man who has fallen so hopelessly in love with his god that his devotion borders on the obsessive. It’s a completely different sort of faith, driven not by the need to prove that his god exists, but the need to feel his god through every fiber of his being. Rumi’s writing is spiritual without being overtly religious, and just about anyone can pick up something within his words.

It really is a work of beauty, and if you’re in the least bit spiritually inclined, you should totally look into his work.

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