100 Things #40: Dean Koontz’s Ticktock.

Dean Koontz is known as a horror and suspense writer. My father recommended his work when he saw how quickly I took to Stephen King’s work.

This book…ran a little differently.

With our (most definitely not) fearless hero being an average mystery writer, things start to get really strange when he runs into a weird but beautiful woman. And his not to mention the…CREEPY voodoo doll that’s been following him around, bringing disaster in its wake.

…and it only gets WEIRDER.

And the weirder it gets, the funnier it gets. By the time we know what’s going on, even the disasters are a laugh riot, because by that time we giggle in gleeful anticipation at just how it’s going to get worse. If you think YOUR luck’s bad, this guy will make you feel better.

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