Look who's been busy!

You may have noticed that I’m getting a lot better about keeping up with the challenges I take on. Well, it’s more of a matter of getting my give-a-fuck back. I lost my give-a-fuck a while back when the weather got cruddy—I’m pretty sure I wasn’t getting enough sun throughout the entire month of May. (Three clear days out of the entire month. I mean, come on.)

I’m queueing things up so that I don’t forget about posting them. Writing things ahead of time and putting them on a schedule. I have to make sure I can get back into the rhythm again.

OK, so then what about the other thing?

I have that in reserve, as well. Now that I can look at a screen for any length of time without my head exploding, it’s time to work on that, too.

Anything else in the works?

Actually, seeing how bad I am at keeping track of one thing at a time, I’m going to start limiting the number of projects I work at once.

Stay tuned!

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