Aaaand my job has a screw loose.

I have a low grade headache. That seems to be the norm lately.

An interesting thing happened at work today—almost didn’t get there. I had this dream where I’d gotten called off from work, and as such had turned off my alarm. So I wake up with seven minutes to get dressed and out the door when I realize that the text message was a dream.

Then I get on the bus and almost sleep past my stop.

On the upside, I CARRIED the shift today.

On the downside, the legendary wait for vapemail has begun again. The new juice I ordered got rerouted somewhere and I won’t be seeing it until tomorrow, probably. It needs to hurry up. I’m getting a mild case of flavor fatigue; finally I understand the philosophy of having several ADVs (all day vapes).

A pipe went asplode at work sometime during my string of migraine-off days. It was one of the ones between floors. While the carpets were being attended to, I had to worry about the linen. While it wasn’t BAD-bad, it wasn’t exactly a cakewalk, either. There was enough rust that almost every piece of linen that was trucked over to stem the flood was rusty. Luckily, we have a bottle of pretreatment stuff that takes rust out.

Except that if you have to hit the rusty spots too many times, you erode the linen.

Yes. You read that right.

On a good day, as soon as you hit the stain with this stuff, it sort of rises up and then disappears, after which you must immediately wash it so that you don’t accidentally dye the linen rust-pink. A few of them were so bad that they took multiple hits to get clean. …and then there’s the one that somehow manages to get a hole eroded into the threading pattern and yet somehow the rust is intact.

Now, this is one of those moments where there’s only two things you can do: You say “Uhh…” and then you toss the thing behind you in the general direction of the “this has no chance in hell” bin.

(There was a lot of that today.)

Oh well. Could be worse.

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