“rotor panorama:” A small camera mounted on a little model chopper’s rotors…

If you can survive the first few seconds, it gets very cool.

Fun Fact: this is a surprisingly accurate rendition of what my vertigo is like.

Lol, English.

You know that thing where you can’t find the name for the thing that you’re thinking of because there isn’t a word for it?

I bet you five dollars there’s a name for that one in a non English language.

Going on two weeks unable to reach my doctor.

As the sporadic rant says, I have chronic migraine. I can’t reach my doctor, and so I’ve been out of Imitrex for quite a bit now.

But without it, I have been better.

Perplexed as to this fact, I did some research myself and discovered that three of the medicines that I take are implicated in something called serotonin syndrome.

I haven’t seen my doctor just yet, but I think it might be something that will be brought up on the next visit.

Until then, I have to take it easy.

Gotta go to work…

 Time to get to work!

Right now, I’ve got a half-liter of water chilling in the fridge. In front of me, there is an assortment of tobacco flavors from my favorite smoke juice dealer. So far, there’s been a lot of “Holy crap that’s a lot of chocolate” moments.

I’m slinging ink this evening. I dodged a bullet with a headache earlier; I’m blaming the weather. No one really knows what’s going on.

I’m not committing to a total output this evening. I’m setting a pomodoro timer for each session, breaking the work up bit by bit. A little bit of a cheat mode, I realize, but it works.


Now, time to make a fool out of one of my other characters. =D

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