Going on two weeks unable to reach my doctor.

As the sporadic rant says, I have chronic migraine. I can’t reach my doctor, and so I’ve been out of Imitrex for quite a bit now.

But without it, I have been better.

Perplexed as to this fact, I did some research myself and discovered that three of the medicines that I take are implicated in something called serotonin syndrome.

I haven’t seen my doctor just yet, but I think it might be something that will be brought up on the next visit.

Until then, I have to take it easy.

Gotta go to work…

 Time to get to work!

Right now, I’ve got a half-liter of water chilling in the fridge. In front of me, there is an assortment of tobacco flavors from my favorite smoke juice dealer. So far, there’s been a lot of “Holy crap that’s a lot of chocolate” moments.

I’m slinging ink this evening. I dodged a bullet with a headache earlier; I’m blaming the weather. No one really knows what’s going on.

I’m not committing to a total output this evening. I’m setting a pomodoro timer for each session, breaking the work up bit by bit. A little bit of a cheat mode, I realize, but it works.


Now, time to make a fool out of one of my other characters. =D

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