Someone asked me how to be more confident. I broke it down for them like this.

Carry yourself like you own this damn town. If that feels a bit much, carry yourself like you will own this damn town soon. Look nice. Put on that outfit that makes you feel like the pimp in the Jay-Z track. Despite what all those self Help books say the human animal is a visual creature, and the biggest part of the First Impression™ is what you eyeball.

You know those interests you have that would never come up normally? When they do and everyone else is stymied, BAM! there you are with the knowledge. Instant boost. Remember that feeling.

Don’t know what’s something but want to know? Ask. BAM. You’re the guy who listens and doesn’t pretend to know everything. People like that.

After a while of this you’ll start noticing something — people calling you the confident nice dude/ette who knows XYZ but isn’t afraid of stepping back when something is way over your head.

And the kicker? You haven’t done anything different. Stood up a little straighter, maybe. Hair cut, nails nice. Pleasant to be around to boot, head on your shoulders not just for decoration.

Who WOULDN’T want to hang with that?


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