Doctor update~

The good news is that we’ve got more blood work results in from the doctor today, and the good news is that I’ve tested negative for all of the factors for rheumatoid arthritis (RA). That’s a breath of relief if there ever was one.

The problem with that is, that is one of the things that could be causing this peripheral neuropathy nonsense, and with that one ruled out, that means that there’s something else still there that could still be causing it, as this is the type of thing that doesn’t just pop up out of nowhere without provocation.

See, I’ve also tested negative for any blood sugar abnormalities (diabetes) and negative for any anemias that would cause this. That means that the things that would have caused this would be something else, possibly bigger and badder.

I get to go in to the doctor and get poked and prodded at more in two weeks. Whoo…

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