Houston, we have a problem.

I wouldn’t do this if I weren’t desperate. I am a week and a half from losing my tiny project apartment. I simply haven’t had the hours to make the rent—and that means other bills are about to go delinquent as well.

I haven’t gotten my prescriptions refilled in a month thanks to the shortage. The lights are only on because it’s illegal to cut them off in the winter.

I need at least $200 to stay in my apartment each month. The lights are about $200 behind by now. A month’s bus pass, my only way to and from work, is $70. The prescriptions run between $40 and $90, depending on the complications that come up. And I rarely make this sum in a month. This slump usually lasts til April.

PayPal donations look like the only way I’m going to survive and stay off the streets in 2014. If you can help, send some help via PayPal to redsummoner(at)hotmail(dot)com.

If you have friends who can help, I would appreciate it. I don’t have a second option.


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