Money Marchin' In…and Out…

In case you couldn’t tell, my table-making skills have gotten a bit rusty—that thing up there is UGLY. But that’s not the point.

In case you couldn’t tell from the last entry in that list, the bill from the time I got shot came in. In case you ALSO couldn’t tell, there is no way in fucking hell. It’s been knocked down a bit—my insurance pays a little bit of it each month, which is apparently why my prescriptions are variable in cost now—but THAT BILL just got sent to me and there is just No Freaking Way™ that is happening, barring some kind of miracle occurring and me getting this job after all.

So I’m ignoring it. What are they going to do, confiscate my damaged nerves? DO me that favor, you whoresons—maybe I’ll be able to work well enough to pay you back one day…HAHAHAHAHAH…aaah.

The phone’s through already. It seems to go through on different days each month.

The lights…the 20th or my taxes come in, whichever comes first, I start making payments on it.

The good news is, I did manage to strongarm my internet bill down. But I may or may not have that new job.


Oh, hilarious true story.

I got a notification today that I got into the Google Glass thing—as long as I was on that list I’m like WOO A CHANCE TO TEST DRIVE THIS THING YEAH BETA

Nope. I would’ve needed a MINIMUM of $1500 USD to get started.

So nerdy dream totally deferred, there.

I’ve avoided looking at the options there because I don’t want to give myself a bad case of gear envy. I’ve been lusting after this thing for months, too, thinking how AWESOME it’d be to have my own set of HUD-glasses and crap, testing it out and stuff and dealing with the beta but still, LOOK HOW AWESOME, and then LOOK AT THE COST.

Oh well. Guess I’ll wait until I have another shot at a second job.

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As March comes in…

So today marks the…I think the ninth day that I’ve been on a new medication for the pain that I’ve been having in my back and sides, for the nerve pain that happens for fibromyalgia.


In case you missed the details, we double-confirmed the diagnosis at the recent doctor’s visit, wherein I got the phone call from the doctor that went “Uhhhhhhh, how soon can can you get in here again?” and moved the appointment up from a month from now to last Monday. After I managed to drag myself to that appointment and described the pain that I’d been having (“It’s like having this big guy who’s wearing giant stiletto heels wrapped in thumbtacks dancing on THESE pressure points on the back side of my body. Oh, and they’re all on fire.”) I asked him if there was anything that we could do to see if that was actually fibro–like some kind of test or something–or if we could do anything else to see what it could be.

“Well,” he said after giving me one hell of a People’s Eyebrow (Google Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson if you’ve never seen this phenomenon before) “there aren’t any tests for fibromyalgia out there, so we can’t exactly test for that.”

“Faugh,” I said, right before a nice little stab of pain sent me into a pretzel twist. “Urrf. What’s the good news?”

“The good news is fibro pain? Basically what you’ve just told me, plus now we have an explanation for that ridiculous fatigue you’ve been having.”

“I don’t know if I LIKE this kind of good news, doc,” I said seriously.

“The good news is that there’s a medication that helps for this and that it’s available for cheap as a generic, unlike that new thing that’s on the market now–I don’t trust that one, for the record. It hasn’t been around enough and they’ve changed the marketing about four times already.”

“Well, good to know we know something,” I said, trying to move my arms further than they had been for the last couple of days. What else do I need to know?”

“It’s in the literature. Just trust me.”

It’s been around nine days that I’ve been on this medication. That’s not a long time to evaluate the effects of a drug on anything, but I have noticed a difference since starting it. Mostly, the main difference that I’ve noticed is that I’m not as dead tired as I used to be. The vague overspent feeling that I’ve had in my muscles for as long as I can recall is gone, fading slowly as my rest actually starts to do some damn good for once in my life. The stabbing-burning-scraping pain that I have been getting in my back has started to back off throughout the day, though there is some soreness that is still coming on throughout the day when I work and run errands–that is to be expected, according to my doctor, since I only just started this medication and it took this long to figure out what the hell we were dealing with in the first place. I’m also actually able to get to sleep at a reasonable hour again–this stuff kicks in FAST and before I’m aware what’s happened I’m kind of just “blaaaaaaghaldaldfjldfj.”

But I feel better than I have in a long time, and that is a huge victory.


The start of a new month means a stack of new financial things to worry about. Of course, that means it’s time to do some strategizing. While running around on an electronic cigarette forum I got a job lead about tech support. I take a test that features actual questions, and then a bunch of weirdly placed jokes (”If all trout are fish, and all fish live in the sea, then what can you say about mackerel?”), and out of nowhere, I GET AN OPPORTUNITY for a new job. The interview was yesterday, and I found out that the training–the training itself pays more than my current line of work does, and I’d be working from home. I’d be the dude you get when you call the internet people about your router, wondering why your router isn’t working to get the “Have you tried turning it off and then on again?” and then the “Okay, since we’ve tried that, let’s give it a little goose with this setting here, and here and here and there we go all fixed!” Yep, things are looking up. $10/hour for full time after training is done, and $9 during training. I ONLY MAKE $8.25 (minimum wage) RIGHT NOW. So you can imagine the incredibly bad happy victory dancing I do when I get this info.

I’m on the bus running errands when I get the blip-boop of an email. It’s the hiring department of the place. They need my upgraded specs (?) and the connection speed. Since I don’t HAVE upgraded specs, I do my CURRENT specs and explain that I have no idea what they are talking about, and then do my speed test.

Then I find out the minimum speed is 5mbps.

My speed is 3.94 maxed.

The fastest in the area? That would be Charter, and the only other option in this old-ass building.





The worst thing here is if I clear this out, they’ll know exactly what happened. Two of them are using this ill-gotten connection to get their college classes done–that will be held against me if I have it shut down and dragged over here where it belongs. I only JUST fixed that bridge, and now I’d have to burn it?

Fuck. Me.

Back to the rat race. So much for full time work.

*trudges off*

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