My Fave is Problematic: The Snooze Button


• Nine minutes has never been a quality nap
• I’m groggier than the first wake up
• Who the hell thought nine minutes was a good idea
• It’s been proven scientifically that this disrupts the sleep cycle
Seriously, who the hell looked at nine minutes and then thought “AH YES, THE PERFECT NAP IN THE MORNING”

…Good morning, I’m mildly sleep deprived, how are you?

Clear the air?


HEPA enby out will you

I put in this filter yesterday. It’s got an ozone generator and a HEPA filter.

A snap decision?


The thing is, I’d cleaned the air conditioner filter the day before. And it was black. Mold, sticky with tar buildup—I don’t smoke. The last cleaning was the month prior. The filters at work don’t get so ice.

It hadn’t been that long between cleanings.

If this was my AC, I didn’t want to think about what I was breathing in.

Actually, I did think about it, mostly all the coughing fits lately.

So trying to clean the air, not such a snap decision.

I gotta not stay up so late.


Morning, world.

It seems that if I go to sleep at four in the damn AM, and don’t let my alarms run roughshod over me, I will naturally wake for hours after the sleep.

(I’m not backsliding, I’ve just got… really damn bad habits.)

One could call it a nice day out. It’s only forecast to get to 66, the humidity is low at 60% (for this area, that is low), and both my knee and the weather forecast put the rain chance at zero.

It’s a good day for going out to hunt for shots.

My Beef with the Food Stamp Challenge


I have a lot of opinions about the whole thing with the “food stamps challenge,” where a usually well off, usually white individual takes the challenge to live like a person on food stamps for some arbitrary period of time.

Half of the time they seem to be doing it to prove that it’s doable. They go into it with the attitude that it’s easy, and so chipper about it.

Then, they’re surprised when they can’t do it.

Let me tell you about the real food stamp challenge.

The food stamp challenge is having a job that barely covers the bills, so you NEED them or you don’t eat.

It’s being grateful that you don’t have to pick between your prescription and a week worth of food.

It’s the sudden realization that you can afford to have meat with this meal—and it doesn’t have to be from the dubious “this is a day away from the sell by date” section.

It’s realizing that the only thing keeping you from this meal is the bone crushing exhaustion of the job—or jobs—that still don’t raise you up high enough to not need the assistance.

People are out here taking this “challenge” like it’s some kind of game. But for millions of us, this ain’t no game.

It’s life.

Can’t sleep? Process pics of flowers…


«When is it a weed?» 2

Insomnia. It’s hard to shake. Since I couldn’t seem to wind my mind down, I decided to go and take the tools to a few pictures I took.

I’m not sure what the little fellow here is. This flower was growing in the grass in the curb. Its flower there is only about the size of a popcorn kernel. I thought it was pretty so I took a shot.