My Beef with the Food Stamp Challenge


I have a lot of opinions about the whole thing with the “food stamps challenge,” where a usually well off, usually white individual takes the challenge to live like a person on food stamps for some arbitrary period of time.

Half of the time they seem to be doing it to prove that it’s doable. They go into it with the attitude that it’s easy, and so chipper about it.

Then, they’re surprised when they can’t do it.

Let me tell you about the real food stamp challenge.

The food stamp challenge is having a job that barely covers the bills, so you NEED them or you don’t eat.

It’s being grateful that you don’t have to pick between your prescription and a week worth of food.

It’s the sudden realization that you can afford to have meat with this meal—and it doesn’t have to be from the dubious “this is a day away from the sell by date” section.

It’s realizing that the only thing keeping you from this meal is the bone crushing exhaustion of the job—or jobs—that still don’t raise you up high enough to not need the assistance.

People are out here taking this “challenge” like it’s some kind of game. But for millions of us, this ain’t no game.

It’s life.


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