Among other things, I’ve been ill.


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1:45 PM.

There is the souvenir of my trip to the MRI:

A CD with pictures of my brain.

Of course, I don’t know how to read these things. But I find it fascinating. I mean it’s pictures of my brain.

It’s too early to get the results. As usual, the nurses present asked me more questions than my doctor does. These included

Have you had seizures?

That’s one I honestly don’t know about. I mentioned that thing where I’m fine one minute and then after what I think is a migraine ice pick starter I’ll feel the irresistible urge to sleep wherever I am. (That got an alarmed look.) Apparently this might be a kind of seizure.

And then there was

Has your doctor talked to you about MS?

No he has not, but he is HELL BENT on making this neuropathy diabetic. Cue the WTF face at the chart when she saw how many times I’ve been tested this year.

The MRI itself wasn’t so bad. But grocery shopping?

I shouldn’t have done that.

I should not have done that.

I’m dizzy, faint, weak. I’m going to collapse as soon as I get home. That thing where out of nowhere I desperately need to sleep wherever I am.

I’ll take questions and things… I’m just not awake for a bit. Holy crap.