Current theory: viral hepatitis. Also, the L word.

11/2/2015. 9:11:26 PM.

A title that I mistyped several times as “viral hepatits.” Which is funnier, if nonsensical.

Some of you have seen this rant already. Some haven’t. TL;DR: Next week I go in to have my liver imaged in one of those machines that spins a bunch of magnets around to make an image that looks at my guts.

I’ve got one of my brain that I’ll be taking to a neurologist in January like “IS THERE A PROBLEM HERE?”

Things also match frighteningly well with lupus, which means I have to ask about that seriously when I go in each time.

…I don’t like this.

I mean I have to do it, but I don’t have to like it.

Going against things that my doctor has said with a few recommendations from friends have helped with a few things, but we still don’t have concrete information—we have evidence in the form of “this thing stopped happening ergo this might be a thing that is going on,” but we don’t have proof, and there is an outright refusal to get that information. (And I don’t have $1000USD to drop on it.) Doctor won’t even talk about it because my HMO doesn’t cover it.

I feel like utter trash today.


Like I’m wasting my time.

If they can’t find the problem what’s to say it’s not going to take me out before I have a chance to finish anything?

…I’m rambling.I’m in no condition to be spouting my mouth (fingers?) off.



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